5 Ways In Which Excessive Sweating Is Damaging Your Hair

Sure sweating is good for the body; after all it, it does help you detox. But the same can’t be said about your hair. Here’s why

As soon as you step out these days, a bucket full of sweat drenches you from head to toe. From your clothes to undies everything is soaked in it, leaving you uncomfortable as hell. And all this happens thanks to humidity, which makes us sweat like a pig.

There are no doubts that sweating helps detox the body and keeps you cool naturally, but what all that sweat does to your hair and scalp is no joke.

Basically our sweat contains salt content which is not good for our hair and scalp. Too much sweat means too much salt content for our hair which leads to dryness and major hair loss. That’s why a sweaty scalp is a foe to your luscious manes.

But that’s not all because there is more to it.

Here are the 5 ways sweat is damaging your hair and scalp:

1. A sweaty scalp can give you a major frontal hair loss
Yeah really! If lately, you have witnessed that there is too much scalp show in the frontal area of your head then blame it on sweat.

According to a study published in the journal of Skin Appendage Disorders excessive sweat is the main cause of the Frontal fibrosing alopecia (FFA) disorder both in men and women.

2. It makes your hair dull and frizzy
To remove that much sweat you tend to use more and more shampoo which according to dermatologist Dr Rinky Kapoor makes your hair dry and you end up with frizzy and lifeless hair. So, frequent hair wash is not a solution to sweaty hair.

3. Your hair always looks oily
Due to this humidity the moment you take a shower in a few minutes you are back to being sweaty. So, even if you shampoo your hair real well, it seems to make no difference because your roots get oily before the day is done. Oh, and if you make the mistake of using a blow dryer, then the process becomes even faster.

4. Itchiness is what your sweaty scalp has to offer
Of course, when there is so much sweat on your head then dust particles will accumulate and make your scalp itchy. According to a study published in the journal Experimental Dermatology, sweat clogs your scalp’s pores and doesn’t let them breathe. That’s why you end up scratching your head like a monkey which can also lead to rashes and hair fall.

5. It makes your hair smell
Sweat stinks and you know it. Washing your hair over and over again is not good for your hair anyway and tying it up is the only option. This traps the sweat, even more, making your hair stink all the more.

Article Source – https://www.healthshots.com/beauty/hair-care/5-ways-in-which-excessive-sweating-is-damaging-your-hair/


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