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Mesotherapy is an alternative and comparatively new form of weight loss treatment and hair fall treatment that involves injection of specific chemicals into the layer of skin known as mesoderm. The idea behind mesotherapy treatment is that the chemicals will attack subcutaneous fat cells, reduce cellulite, and prevent the skin from sagging.

Mesotherapy for weight loss and hair fall is intended to be a non-invasive alternative to liposuction, but several doctors have warned against the procedure. It is also much more expensive compared to conventional hair fall and hair loss treatments. But with India being one of the fastest growing economies in the world, people have the necessary resources to go for such a treatment. Therefore, when it comes to mesotherapy in Mumbai India sees more and more patients every day for treatment of hair fall and hair loss.

Mesotherapy was first developed in France, originally for the treatment of vascular and infectious diseases, sports injuries, and the improvement of circulation. Today mesotherapy is used mostly for weight loss and slimming. However, mesotherapy treatment has for long been used in Europe and South America to treat a number of other conditions as well, like ankle sprains, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, hair loss and Bell’s palsy. Mesotherapy treatment for hair fall treatment in Mumbai is steadily becoming a very popular option.

Mesotherapy requires much less drug compared to oral pills; hence it has been argued that it is more efficient for hair fall and hair loss treatments because it delivers the drug directly to the site. According to the top doctors specializing in Mesotherapy, it can be used to treat almost everyone for hair fall .Obese people who need who need to remove fat from their arms legs, buttocks or trunks, as well as thin people with stubborn localized fat like in the belly, thighs or love handles, can especially benefit from mesotherapy treatment. This is the reason that mesotherapy treatment in India is becoming so popular for it can help with weight loss and hair loss.

Mesotherapy is not recommended for some people. For example, people with heart problems and blood clots, pregnant women, as well as those who are undergoing other forms of treatment like those for cancer and diabetes, are advised to not seek this treatment.

Now mesotherapy has been known to work wonders particularly for those who are afflicted with hair loss. Mesotherapy treatment is regarded as a useful procedure that works for people with baldness. An upside of mesotherapy treatment is that it works on both men and women. Mesotherapy treatment is also known to delay a very common condition called male pattern baldness resulting from hair loss. Alopecia which is the technical term for pattern baldness has often had doctors using mesotherapy treatment in India to treat the condition of severe hair loss.

Brands that cater this procedure for hair fall are common. Names like Mesoplasty or Mesohair are quite common. Mesotherapy treatment procedures have shown considerable success in the regrowth of hair in both men and women. The procedure entails injecting a cocktail of various chemicals, which is basically like a vitamin booster. In cases of baldness because of hair fall, this cocktail is injected into your scalp. This increases blood circulation significantly in this area promoting hair growth. The hair follicles are more nourished as a result and hair regrowth occurs and hair fall recedes.

The DHT hormone is known to oppose hair growth but mesotherapy treatment is known to neutralize the effect of DHT. That causes the growth of hair in the injected area. 5 or 6 sessions over a period of a few months may be needed to have the desired effect of the mesotherapy procedure. The procedure is considered good enough and can save you from a much more invasive procedure like hair transplant. The injection process is done via an injection gun rather than a conventional syringe, thereby making the whole process of mesotherapy treatment much more painless. This is a significant reason why mesotherapy treatment in India has gained popularity.

Doctors that are experts at mesotherapy treatment, however advise that to achieve the best results, one must adopt healthy habits right after the procedure. Habits like having a healthy diet and regular exercises along with drinking lots of water go a long way in eliminating toxins from the body.  Thus this is another post mesotherapy requisite.

Mesotherapy treatment in Mumbai India can be performed with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), stem cells or with the revolutionary QR678 hair growth factor injections.

Now mesotherapy treatment needs an expert and top doctor who are experienced enough. Dr. Rinky Kapoor in Mumbai is certainly one of the top dermatologists in the country who have worked extensively in such procedures. As a visiting fellow at Stanford Medical School, she has received training under some of the best experts. That is why when it comes to mesotherapy treatment in Mumbai India is the place where you want to be.

How much does Mesotherapy Treatment Cost in India?

Mesotherapy is a skin and rejuvenation treatment that uses microneedles to deliver essential vitamins, minerals, serums, enzymes, agents and more for skin rejuvenation and hair loss treatment. since mesotherapy is a very patient specific procedure and different for everyone the mesotherapy treatment cost in India is also different for every individual. Here is a list of factors that affect the cost of mesotherapy

  • Since it is a person-specific procedure, it has to be carried out by a specialist who has experience in identifying and administering the correct amounts of products in the skin or scalp.
  • The price for skin mesotherapy treatment is different from that of hair loss mesotherapy treatments.
  • Depending on the concern the patient might need any number of sessions for optimal results this will affect the pricing of the treatment. For example, normal-weight patients need fewer treatments to treat love handles whereas overweight patients need more sessions.
  • The cost of cosmetic mesotherapy treatment is not covered by insurance.
  • The place you are going to have your mesotherapy session.
  • The last but the most major factor affecting the cost of mesotherapy treatment in Mumbai, India is the specific cocktail of ingredients used in mesotherapy treatment. Mesotherapy is a bespoke treatment and some ingredients may be more costly than others and hence influence the total cost.

About the Doctor:-

Dr. Rinky Kapoor cofounded The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai, which aresome of Asia’s foremost cosmetic and top dermatological centers. Here you will find some of the best experts who can provide you with unmatched expertise and know-how. Therefore, if you need mesotherapy for hair fall treatment in Mumbai, Dr. Rinky Kapoor is the person you should look for.

Before and After Photos of Mesotherapy Treatment –

Before and After Images of Mesotherapy Treatment

Frequently Asked Question for Mesotherapy Treatment for Hair Cost in Mumbai, India –

Question 1: Mesotherapy—Can it stop hair loss?

The ingredients used in mesotherapy treatments hydrate the scalp, increase hair thickness, and promote hair growth, all of which work to stop hair loss.

Question 2: Can mesotherapy cause hair growth?

Mesotherapy is a procedure that increases blood flow and gives the scalp a vitamin boost to promote hair growth. It treats bald patches and stimulates follicles, resulting in healthy hair growth in both men and women.

Question 3: Is hair mesotherapy safe?

It’s safe and painless. When it comes to treating hair loss, mesotherapy is undoubtedly a safer option compared to more invasive, surgical procedures. Additionally, it typically achieves the intended task without causing any harm to the surrounding tissue.

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