Hair Botox Treatment Cost

Hair Botox Treatment Cost in Mumbai

What is Hair Botox?

Hair Botox is very different from ordinary Botox treatment. it is also very unlike Keratin and blowouts. The main purpose of hair Botox is to deep condition the hair and add a natural bounce to your hair.

There are two types of hair Botox treatments. One treatment uses actual botulinum toxin into the scalp. This is done to reduce the sweating on the scalp and increase hair-washing durations. The second is the trending hair Botox in which a cocktail of ingredients is applied to the hair strands.  Just like skin Botox give smooth and younger-looking skin, hair Botox works by filling in the damaged cuticle sections in the hair and thus reducing frizz and making a smooth surface. Hair Botox is a simple treatment that gives the hair a younger, shiner, and healthier appearance for a long time. Hair Botox will also give you straighter hair but not the same as a hair straightening treatment.

Why should you go in for a Hair Botox?

Hair Botox is a painless and non-invasive procedure with a multitude of benefits such as

  • It makes the hair look fuller and healthier
  • Less frizziness in the hair
  • Hair Botox eliminates split ends and their growth
  • It helps reverse the damage caused by chemicals by repairing the hair strands
  • Add intense volume and luster to the hair
  • The Hair Botox procedure gives a natural straightening effect that lasts for a few months.

Who should get a hair Botox treatment done?

Like a keratin treatment is suggested for people with curly hair, hair Botox is also a recommended treatment for people who

  • Have split ends
  • Are bothered by the fine hair or lack of volume and lustre in hair
  • Have damaged hair because of pollution or chemical use
  • Have frizzy and dry hair
  • Have naturally wavy and curly hair

Hair Botox can actually make a lot of difference in your hair texture in just one sitting. However, in some cases, 2-3 settings might be needed for the treatment to have full effect.

Hair Botox treatment procedure

Hair Botox Treatment

It is important that you know what exactly goes into hair Botox treatment before you go to a salon or clinic to get a treatment done. Here is what happens in a normal hair Botox treatment

  • First, your hair will be washed with a good shampoo to remove the excess oil and dirt, and chemical build-up from the scalp and strands. The use of conditioner in this step is a NO-NO.
  • In the second step, your hair will be dried and Botox treatment will be applied from roots to tips. The treatment is then left for about 45 minutes. You can sit back and relax in the meantime.
  • In the next step, either the hair expert will wash the hair with a cleanser or dry or heat straighten the hair without washing for intense action. The choice will depend on the hairdresser and the condition of your hair.

That’s it. You are done and you can now enjoy the new healthy hair and flaunt them.

What are the ingredients of hair Botox?

Hair Botox is a deep conditioning treatment that nourishes the hair from roots to tips. The ingredients commonly used in hair Botox can be

  • Caviar oil
  • Vitamin B5 and E
  • Keratin
  • Collagen Complex
  • BONT-L peptide

Some expert hair clinics also combine this hair Botox with traditional Botox and inject it into the scalp to help control the frizz and grease on the scalp. This will help the hair Botox last longer too.  The mix of chemicals can be adjusted according to your hair’s requirements. Hair Botox has become a very popular procedure in a very short time but it will only work if you get it done by an expert hair-dresser.  To get the best possible results to visit a saloon that buys only verified products that do not damage the hair as much as a duplicate hair product would.

How does Botox work?

When hair Botox solution is applied to the hair it acts as a filler for the hair. it fills or replaces the damaged or lost cuticle layers and also creates a protective barrier by coating the hair strands and attaching the cuticle layers thus restoring your hair back to this past beauty and bounce.

How long does hair Botox last?

In normal hair, the hair Botox can last for four months if you follow good aftercare. If you don’t take care of your hair post-hair Botox treatment the effect will wear off sooner than expected. Stay true to your hair routine and your hair will thank you by staying healthy always. Here is how you can take good care of your hair post-Botox treatment

  • Use only a sulfate, silicone, and paraben-free shampoo, and don’t forget to follow up with a moisturizing conditioner for the treated hair.
  • Use a good deep-conditioning hair mask once a week. Spread the mask evenly from root to tips and let it stay for the recommended times before washing.
  • If possible keep the heat hair treatments to a minimum. Even if you have to use a heat treatment on the hair then make sure you spray a heat protectant spray before using the tool.
  • Cover your hair with a scarf, or a hat before stepping out in the sun. Tie your hair before sleeping so that the friction from the pillow is reduced.
  • Go on the repeat hair Botox treatment sessions as required.

Results of the hair Botox differ for everybody because every hair DNA is different.

Are there any side effects of hair Botox?

Hair Botox Treatment

It is a safe method to give good results for your hair and usually does not have any side effects but in some cases or some skin types can be allergic to the materials used. Also if the ingredients come in direct contact with the skin they can cause some skin irritation. You can ask your hairdresser about it.

Hair Botox Treatment Cost

The cost of hair Botox treatment is steep when compared to other treatments such as a blowout or keratin. The price of hair Botox procedure depends on

  • The number of sessions needed to get the best result for your hair
  • The product used
  • The expertise of the hairdresser and the cost of the saloon

Hair Botox does not damage the locks but actually makes them healthier. Do not compromise on quality over cost. Low-cost hair Botox treatments can cause damage to the skin and hair that can be irreversible.

Before and After Photos of Hair Botox Treatment –

Before and After images of hair botox treatment

Frequently Asked Questions of Hair Botox Treatment –


Question 1:- Are there any benefits to hair botox?

 Hair botox can help to improve the texture, manageability, and reduce frizz of damaged hair.

Question 2:- How long does hair botox remain effective?

 The effects of hair botox can last between 2 to 4 months depending on the individual’s hair type and maintenance.

Question 3:- How should I take care of my hair after Botox?

 After hair botox, it is recommended to avoid washing or styling hair for at least 24-48 hours and to use sulfate-free hair products to maintain the treatment.

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