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Laser Scar Reduction Treatment in Mumbai India

Often times, a person may have an unfortunate accident or may be afflicted with an unwanted condition. The wounds of the accident leave behind a mark that serves as a memory of what had happened. But often times it happens that these scars are located in such parts of the body that may ruin the person’s appearance. For example, a wound on the face may leave a very noticeable scar. Or even something as simple as acne, after being treated, may leave an unwanted mark. Or suppose an accident or an even a minor surgery leaves a scar mark on your back or legs that is stopping you from wearing your favourite dress. People hate that and therefore when it comes to laser scar reduction treatment India has more patients coming for consultation than ever. Laser scar reduction helps in getting rid of the scar in such a way that the original appearance is restored.

In such cases, these scars have to be gotten rid of. Otherwise the presence of the scar will be a hindrance to your desired appearance. But can scars be removed all that easily? Well, dermatologists and cosmetologists will often suggest various procedures for getting rid of scars. These may include topical lotions and creams. But not every time will these achieve the desired result. Therefore people often opt for some other mode of treatment that works better than then conventional methods. And that is the laser treatment procedure. For laser scar reduction treatment India has this procedure widely available.

Laser scar reduction treatment is now often carried out in our country. Laser scar reduction is easy and can be conducted in a dermatologist’s office itself. There is no need of hospitalization in most cases of laser scar reduction. The best thing about laser scar reduction is that it removes scars to a great extent and in some cases removes scars completely. The laser scar reduction in fact tightens the skin and around and also makes it smooth. A local anaesthetic is used in order to reduce the pain during laser scar reduction treatment. In some case a general anaesthetic too may be used by the dermatologist.

Laser resurfacing scar reduction treatment Mumbai India

In this method a high powered laser is used which is often available at an outpatient facility of a dermatologist. A session takes a couple of hours. Since the laser light is bright, the patient is given a pair of goggles to keep the eyes protected. The treatment procedure involves a hand held equipment that is waved over the scarred area which smoothens the skin and gets rid of the scar. In this treatment beams of light penetrate into the skin as it restores the structures around the scar and tightens it. The treated area is encouraged formation of new collagen and the skin that is produced is youthful and smooth. Once the anaesthetic is applied, this procedure is almost painless and is a reason why people opt for it. For laser scar reduction treatment Mumbai probably has the best centres in India.

Ablative laser resurfacing scar reduction treatment in Mumbai India

Primarily, there are two types of lasers that are used for this resurfacing procedure for scar reduction treatment. They are:

  • CO2 laser scar reduction treatment– This is a rather powerful laser scar reduction treatment that is used to treat both shallow and deep scars. It is often used in the treatment process of skin cancer but can be used for scar reduction as well. However, since the laser is quite potent, it can be a little painful. So the required recovery time with this type is more.
  • YAG laser scar reduction treatment– This is another popular type which is used for a laser scar reduction treatment. This laser is less powerful than a CO2 laser and as a result less amounts of anaesthetic is required during this scar reduction process. This is used in skin cancer treatment too and is mostly used for superficial scars. Recovery time is considerably less in this treatment procedure, around a week. When it comes to laser scar reduction treatment Mumbai has clinics that employ this particular method widely.

Non-ablative laser resurfacing scar reduction treatment in Mumbai India

In this type of laser treatment for scar reduction infrared light is used to warm up the inside layers of the skin while the outer layer is well intact. That ensures production of new collagen that then encourages production of new cells that replaces the old cells. As a result the treated area has skin that is new and youthful and the scar is removed.

Fraction laser resurfacing scar reduction treatment in Mumbai India

In this type of scar reduction treatment minute light rays are made to penetrate deep inside the skin as tiny microscopic holes inside the skin are surrounded by getting surrounded by new skin cells. This results in new skin cell formation and also triggers collagen production inside the deeper layers of the skin. This is a minimally invasive procedure and the recovery time with this procedure is also quite low as compared to the others. For laser scar reduction treatment India also has seen selected centres employing this procedure quite widely.

Laser scar reduction treatment techniques in Mumbai are one of the best and top procedures that are available world. You will get the best and top facilities and results at the treatment centres in Mumbai India.

Dr Rinky Kapoor, the cofounder of The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai is vastly experienced and is best qualified to conduct such laser scar reduction treatment procedures. Having also cofounded and headed the Aesthetic Centre in Apollo Health City in Hyderabad, Dr Rinky Kapoor has acquired immense expertise in the field of laser scar reduction treatment to provide you with the best and top solution suitable for your skin type. So if you think you need laser scar reduction treatment Mumbai is the place to be.

Before and After Photos of Laser Scar Reduction Treatment –

Before and After Images of Laser Scar Reduction Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions for Laser Scar Reduction Treatment – 

Question 1: Can scars be totally removed using laser therapy?

Laser treatment can help reduce the appearance of scars, but it is unlikely to remove them completely. The effectiveness of laser treatment on scars depends on several factors, including the type of scar, its location, and the individual’s skin type.

Question 2: Do scars reappear after laser treatment?

The goal of laser treatment for scars is to improve the appearance of existing scars, but it cannot guarantee that new scars won’t form

Question 3: Is laser skin treatment safe?

Laser skin treatment is generally considered safe when performed by a qualified and experienced professional. However, like any medical procedure, it can have risks and side effects, such as pain, redness, swelling, blistering, infection, or changes in skin color

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