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If someone is afflicted with wound, the body heals it. But the location of the wound is recognizable a lot of times. This is because the healing process leaves behind marks. Such a mark is called a scar. Not only injury wounds but even things like acne leave behind a scar. A scar looks bad especially when on the face and thus need removal. Removal is needed since any scar on the face looks bad and ruins the appearance or beauty. When it comes to face scars treatment India sees a lot of people visiting some centres for removal, especially in Mumbai. In fact some of the top dermatologists of India are in Mumbai who conduct treatment for removal of face scar.

A face scar does not just appear, they depend on lot things. It depends on how deep was a cut or wound. It also depends on the kind of wound it was. Some certain afflictions form a face scar that is harder when it comes to removal, e.g. chicken pox. Recovery of a face scar also depends on your skin type and age. If a scar is light it does not need removal. In fact dermatologists in Mumbai may ask you to wait it out in case a face scar has been formed by a fresh wound. Also in India where people have dark skin a face scar can be more noticeable.

Types of face scar seen in patients in Mumbai and India

Scars are of various types. These can be divided in various categories.

  • Keloid– This is a scar which is formed by over healing by the body. This kind of face scar is common in Mumbai and India since it is common in dark skinned people. So in Mumbai, most patients coming in for treatment will be for a keloid face scar.</p
  • Contracture– This kind of scar is seen when the skin suffers from burn injuries. This kind of scar, when in the face, can impair your ability to move. For example you can find it difficult to move your cheeks. Therefore you need treatment.
  • Hypertrophic– This is a red coloured scar. So such a scar in the face would obviously look very bad and need treatment for removal.
  • Acne– This is the most common face scar. Since it is a very common scar in the face, people very readily seek treatment. When it comes to face scars treatment Mumbai sees most people asking for treatment for acne scars. In the rest of India too this is a common affliction since most people suffer from acne.

Treatment for removal for face scar available in Mumbai and India

When it comes to face scars treatment Mumbai has centres that tenders all kinds of modern and conventional treatments for removal of a face scar. Most other centres in India too have these treatments available for removal of a face scar. Some of the modes of treatment are:

Chemical peels  treatment– A chemical solution, mainly a mild acid, is applied over the face and mostly over the place of the scar. Once the skin exfoliates, an upper crust is removed. This exposes a newer layer of skin underneath which is new and smooth. This new skin is devoid of any scar. This is a popular method of treatment in Mumbai since it is minimally invasive. Most patients in Mumbai or India as well will look to undergo this method other than surgeries.

Dermabrasion treatment – This is a method of treatment where a face scar removal is done again by exfoliation. However, in this mode of treatment the exfoliation is done with the help of a brush or wheel instead of a chemical. Again, most dermatologists in Mumbai are open to offering this treatment for face scar removal. Also, dermatologists in Mumbai can offer a version of this treatment called microdermabrasion. Same is the case for rest of India.

Laser resurfacing treatment – Laser resurfacing is done for a face scar that is deep and any other treatment would not achieve the desired result. Many dermatologists in India are qualified to carry out this treatment for face scar removal. But for the best experience Mumbai is the place to be.

Other methods of treatment might be invasive methods like a surgery. Such methods of treatment are available in Mumbai as well as India. However they are not the first choice for a face scar removal in Mumbai and India.

Dr Rinky Kapoor, who is based in Mumbai, is a leading dermatologist of India. She is the cofounder of The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai. These are not only amongst the best centres in India, but one of the best in Asia. She is a visiting fellow to the Stanford Medical School and has trained under some of the best dermatologists in the world. Therefore when you need face scars removal treatment Mumbai is the place to be.

Before and After Photos of Face Scars Treatment-

Before and After Images of Face Scars Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions for Face Scars Treatment –

Question 1: Can facial scars go away?

The majority of scars will gradually disappear with time. However, complete scar removal is not possible.

Question 2:Why does my face have so many scars?

There are many different types of facial scars that can result from accidents, acne, burns, or surgery.

Question 3: Are dark scars permanent?

Most dark spots will then fade on their own over time, but it may take a long time

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Dr. Rinky Kapoor- Best Dermatologists in Mumbai, India

Dr. Rinky Kapoor, Co-founder of The Esthetic Clinics, is one of the best dermatologists in the world & currently practices in Mumbai, India. Dr. Rinky Kapoor is a Consultant Cosmetic Dermatologist, Cosmetologist & Trichologist at S L Raheja Fortis Hospital, Mumbai, India. Dr. Kapoor is trained at the National Skin Centre, Singapore & at Stanford University, USA. A celebrity skin doctor, Dr. Rinky Kapoor has won many honors such as “Best Dermatologist in Mumbai”, “Most Valuable & Admired Cosmetic Dermatologist in India” & “Best Dermatologist in India”, etc for her expert dermatology care, affordable & reliable skin care, hair care & nail care Read more

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