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Best Laser Skin Whitening & Lightening Treatment in Mumbai, India

As we grow older, our skin gets looser. Skin on the face for example, loses volume. All that fat is lost and wrinkles appear. As a result the skin hangs. Even for people who lose weight, sudden change in the amount of fat in the body results in change in tightness of skin. Therefore we see that this can affect young people as well and is not restricted to old people alone.

This can be a huge hindrance for those who want a youthful skin. A sagging and lose skin can consequently cause a lot of psychological problems, including anxiety and depression. It can cause your self-confidence to take a hit and therefore skin problems should be taken seriously. And that is exactly why when it comes to skin tightening treatment in Mumbai  India is seeing more and more patients opting for medical procedures.

Many modes of treatment exist that enable skin tightening treatment easily and with best results. Some of these skin tightening treatments can be invasive while some modern therapies ensure minimal invasion. Of course you could go for those topical creams and ointments to use on the skin if you suppose they will help. However, they aren’t guaranteed treatments like those that are afforded by some of the top dermatologists in Mumbai.

One skin tightening treatment India has seen patients opting for a lot is the good old laser treatment. It is tried and tested and has been used efficiently by many dermatologists all over the world to restore the youthful skin. Laser skin tightening is minimally invasive and non-surgical procedure.

Laser skin tightening treatment makes use of infrared light, also known as laser, to heat the collagen that is present under the skin. This in turn causes the skin above to undergo contraction and tighten up. The best thing about this skin tightening treatment procedure is that the results are immediate. You will instantly be able to see the results for yourself. This procedure is basically irreversible and that is why it is a very popular mode of skin tightening treatment. Follow-up skin tightening is usually needed, however a complete procedure is done in two to three sittings. Each of these sittings is generally a few months apart.  When it comes to skin tightening treatment India sees most patients opting for laser rather than full-on surgery.

Of course, results of laser skin tightening will not be as effective as that of a complete face lift, but then that will be very invasive. Laser treatment will produce great results considering the fact that it will much be less invasive than a full on skin tightening surgery. Laser is FDA approved and can be used for skin tightening all over the body. As a result, you could have quite the youthful skin, that too with a minimally invasive treatment procedure.

Before the treatment is started, the face of the patient is cleansed. All materials like creams, lotions, sunscreen and make-up is removed before beginning the treatment. Anaesthetic is applied while eyes are given a protective eyewear. Another advantage to this skin tightening procedure is that you do not need to stay in the hospital. It can be easily done at the dermatologist’s office or a skin-care clinic. The skin tightening procedure in a single sitting takes not more than an hour. That is proof why this mode of treatment is so popular today.

Another type of skin tightening treatment is with High intensity focussed ultrasound machines like Ulthera or Venus Freeze, which cause skin tightening and body contouring.

No side effect is experienced with this treatment procedure. Minor discomforts like a warm sensation due to the application of the laser are common. However, continuous bursts of cool air take care of that discomfort. The exact spot where the laser is applied may cause a slight stinging sensation. However that is limited to only a few minutes and disappears once the procedure is done. This is why for skin tightening treatment Mumbai sees most patients asking for a laser procedure.

Not everyone is a suitable candidate for skin tightening treatment. However, restrictions are far less than some other procedures. Ideally, men and women between the age of 30 to 60 are regarded as the best candidates for this procedure. However, people with excess loose skin should consider a full on face lift surgery for the best results of skin tightening.

There are many centres in Mumbai that offer laser treatment as a skin tightening treatment method for loose skin. Even other modes of treatment are available for skin tighening. Some of these are the conventional surgical face lift. Other more modern treatments like ultherapy are also available in these centres. Skin tightening treatment Mumbai is becoming modern with each passing day.

Dr Rinky Kapoor, who is a top dermatologist in the country, has founded The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai and is the doctor you need to consult in order to get a skin tightening procedure. As a visiting fellow to the Stanford Medical School, Dr Rinky Kapoor has trained under some of the best dermatologists in the world. Therefore when it comes to skin tightening treatment Mumbai is the place to be, with Dr Rinky Kapoor offering the best results.

Skin whitening  and lightening Treatment in Mumbai India

People are often disappointed at their dark complexion. They are not happy when they do not have a fair and glowing skin. But in today’s world, a solution exists for almost every problem, and a dark complexion is no exception. Quite a few skin whitening treatments and procedures are available for getting rid of your dark complexion. And all of those skin whitening and lightening treatment procedures are available here in India, more specifically in Mumbai. Therefore skin whitening  and lightening treatment in Mumbai India is quite popular at the moment.

Before we get into the various skin lightening and whitening treatments, we must know what causes a dark complexion. Melanocytes are cells in the body that are responsible for producing melanin. The more melanin pigment you have, the darker you are. There are quite a few factors that determine how much melanin you have, or how dark complexion you get. Exposure to sunlight, hormone activity and even contact with some chemicals produce more melanin. Even genetics play a part. Therefore, it is clear that the only way to get a skin lightening is by removing some melanin from the skin. That is what doctors aim for when you seek skin whitening and lightening treatment in Mumbai India.

There are many options available for those who want to get skin whitening and lightening  treatment in Mumbai, India. One way is through the application of topical lotions and gels. These topical lotions help in inhibiting the growth of melanin. Some of the main topical agents are:


This is one of the main topical treatments when it comes to inhibiting the growth of melanin for skin whitening and lightening and has strong anti-oxidant properties. Most skin whitening creams contain around 2% of hydroquinone. It has effective bleaching capabilities that lightens the skin colour. However on should be careful that not too much hydroquinone is used in the composition of any topical agent since presence of this chemical over 4% can cause harm to the skin. It acts like an irritant in such cases and an anti-inflammatory like cortisone must be use to protect the skin. Therefore consult your doctor before you decide on this mode of skin lightening treatment in Mumbai India.


This substance used for skin lightening and whitening is obtained from the leaves of plants like blueberry, cranberry, or mulberry. Arbutin has been found to have major melanin inhibiting properties and its speciality is that it is very gentle on the skin unlike other unnatural substances. Its depigmenting property makes it a good natural mode of skin lightening and whitening treatment in India.


This is an anti-oxidant that is found in both plants and mammals. Glutathione helps detoxify the skin and is known for having no side-effects. Glutathione helps in blocking tyrosinase, thereby helping in the inhibition of melanin. It helps rejuvenate and lighten the skin by maintaining the levels of vitamin C and vitamin E in their reduced forms. It also regulates the production of hydrogen peroxide. Glutathione can be used in forms like Acetyl Glutathione or L-Glutathione, which can be used as supplements which keeps your skin healthy and youthful. So when you seek skin lightening and whitneing treatment in India, make sure you talk to the dermatologist about glutathione.

Laser Therapy

Another very popular way of skin lightening and whitening treatment in Mumbai India is by the use of laser. Laser treatment for skin whitening and lightening in India has been in use for many years now. But with Dr. Rinky Kapoor, cofounder and head of The Esthetic Clinic, Mumbai, you get the best application of this skin whitening and lightening treatment procedure. Some patients though, might have some unexpected results. In this method, q-switch Nd: YAG releases a high energy light on the area of the skin where there is too much pigmentation. This area’s cells are destroyed as a result, and the body produces new cells. This helps lightening the skin tone by enabling the production of more collagen. As a result, you have a more youthful looking skin.

Other Applications for skin Whitening and Skin Lightening Treatment Mumbai India

Skin Lightening & Whitening Treatment

Skin whitening and lightening treatment in India is also targeted to get rid or improve some other unwanted conditions. For example there are at times patches on the skin that are hyper pigmented. These areas of the skin which are darker are improved by the skin lightening treatment in India.

Skin whitening and lightening treatment also works vice versa when you have conditions like vitiligo. For example, when an area of the skin is affected by vitiligo, skin lightening treatment can be applied on surround areas that make the area more uniform. However, too much skin lightening and whitening treatment can result in a side effect called the bleach panda effect, which may make the skin tone non-uniform.

How Much Does Skin Lightening & Whitening Laser Treatment Cost in Mumbai, India

Skin whitening treatments can improve the texture and radiance of your skin and restore the youthful glow that you always wanted but this does not mean that the simple laser whitening treatment will burn a hole in your pocket. Laser skin lightening is better and more long-lasting than other treatments than creams as they are done by expert dermatologists in a controlled environment.

The cost of skin lightening and whitening laser treatment in Mumbai is dependent on the skin type, the extent of treatment, damage to the skin, the location of the clinic, the expertise of the doctor and the type of laser used for the treatment. Skin whitening treatment cost using laser treatment also varies by the number of sessions needed to get the desired results.

Skin lightening treatment cost for the face is more expensive than for other areas such as arms, legs and back. Since this is a cosmetic treatment, the price of skin whitening is not covered by insurance. The skin-lightening treatment prices vary because each treatment is customized based on the patient’s expectations and skin type.

When choosing an expert clinic for skin lightening and whitening treatment don’t compromise on the cost and quality of the treatment. Select one that offers unparalleled care and reasonable skin whitening treatment costs in Mumbai, India.

About the Doctor:-

As mentioned, Dr Rinky Kapoor is an expert in the field of dermatology and cosmetic surgery. She happens to be the cofounder of the The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai, a chain of leading dermatological centres, in the continent. As a visiting fellow at Stanford Medical School, Dr Rinky Kapoor has gained top draw expertise on various skin and beauty enhancement procedures. She is the one of the top dermatologists in the country and can provide you with world class skin whitening and lightening treatment in Mumbai.

Before and After Photos of Laser Skin Lightening & Whitening Treatment –

Before and After Images of Laser Skin Lightening and Whitening Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions for Laser Skin Whitening & Lightening Treatment –

Question 1: Which laser treatment is best for skin whitening?

The Q-switched Nd: YAG laser is an excellent choice for skin-lightening treatment because it can target both superficial and deep pigmentation.

Question 2: How do celebrities get their white skin?

Chemical agents are used in skin-lightening surgery to eliminate melanin in a way that results in the ideal light skin tone. Bleaching your skin to make it lighter permanently is known as permanent skin bleaching.

Question 3: Does laser treatment change skin tones?

You can notice your skin is a little bit lighter or darker after laser treatment.

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