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Dark Skin Pigmentation Treatment in Mumbai India

Dark skin pigmentation, also known as hyperpigmentation, is caused due to melanin. Melanin is an actually a broader term of a group of pigments which are produced by oxidation of amino acid tyrosine. But there is a bigger problem when hyperpigmentation happens in people of dark skin. Dark skin pigmentation is quite bad and is harder give treatment to unlike pigmentation in light skin people. Dark skin pigmentation is something that is common among people in Mumbai as well as the rest of India since we are people with dark skin. Therefore when it comes to dark skin pigmentation India sees many people lining up to the centres to get treatment.

Now dark spots on dark skin happen due to several reasons. This can be an outcome of an injury or the leftover of problems of acne. Whenever there is a break in dark skin due to a cut or even a pimple, more melanin is supplied by the body. Now these areas form spots that are visible. The worse thing in a place like Mumbai or even India, where weather is warm, the sunlight acts on these spots and the spots get even darker. More dark skin  pigmentation is seen in such spots after exposure to the sun. Therefore people in Mumbai or warm regions in India obviously seek treatment for dark skin pigmentation.

There are many novel methods of treatment for people in Mumbai or the rest of India for dark skin pigmentation. These are:

Hydroquinone for treatment of dark skin pigmentation – The best doctors in India and certainly in Mumbai will prescribe their patients with hydroquinone. This is probably the most common topical agent for treatment of dark skin pigmentation. It is best for those people in India who do not want invasive treatment procedures to treat the dark skin pigmentation. This is available for treatment in several concentrations and doctors recognize which is good for a specific patient. It has some side effects to that the top doctors will always warn their patients about. These include redness, irritation, itching etc. but easily treatable.

Retinoids for treatment of dark skin pigmentation – Acne is a big problem for most people in India. Same goes for Mumbai. Now when people suffer from acne and pimples they seek treatment. After treatment when these pimples go away, they leave behind hyper pigmented spots on their skin. Therefore if you look at centres in Mumbai or even India, people seeking treatment for acne also come back for dark skin pigmentation treatment. Retinoids are effective for not only acne but also dark skin pigmentation.

Laser  for dark sink pigmentation treatment – Laser is used as a treatment for dark skin pigmentation. Laser is applied to the affected area which is where the pigmented cells are destroyed. The targeted area then produces new skin that is smooth. In most top dermatological centres in Mumbai and other big cities in India this mode of treatment is available readily. In fact this treatment is quite popular for dark skin pigmentation because of the permanent nature of the results. But this treatment needs to be done over a few sessions to get rid of all the pigmentation.

Microdermabrasion for treatment of dark skin pigmentation – This is a rather very popular method for dark skin pigmentation treatment. In this mode of treatment a hand held probe is used which has crystals and even diamond flakes. This part is used to exfoliate the outermost layer of skin. Another part of the device has a vacuum pump which is used to lift up the exfoliated part. Once the new skin is exposed underneath it is smooth and youthful. Only the best dermatologists offer this treatment at top centres in Mumbai and India. It is quite popular since this mode of treatment for skin pigmentation does not involve any pain. Even anaesthetic is not prescribed for such treatment. Therefore people of Mumbai and also other big cities in India seem to like this treatment procedure.

Chemical peels – This is another top non-invasive procedure for treatment of dark skin pigmentation. This is also quite popular in Mumbai. It is painless mostly. A chemical is applied over the affected area. This chemical is generally a mild acid. After application, the skin exfoliates and a crust is removed. The new skin is smooth and youthful and without pigmentation.

Now if you need dark skin pigmentation Mumbai is the place to be since it has some of the best dermatological centres in India. For example, Dr Rinky Kapoor founded The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai which is one of the best centres in not only India but also Asia. Dr Rinky Kapoor herself is a visiting fellow at the Stanford Medical School and therefore she has the experience of working with some of the top experts of the world. Therefore if you are a person in India who is suffering from dark skin pigmentation Mumbai is the place to come to.

Before and After Photos of Dark Skin Pigmentation –

Before and After Images of Dark Skin Pigmentation

Frequently Asked Questions for Dark Skin Pigmentation-

Question 1: How can dark pigmentation be removed?

To remove hyperpigmentation from skin, you can use chemical peels, laser therapy, microdermabrasion, or dermabrasion. The dark spots on your skin are removed gently by these procedures from the top layer of your skin.

Question 2: Does pigmentation on dark skin disappear?

Fading can take time after the root of the dark spots or patches is identified and stopped. Usually, a spot that is a couple of shades darker than your normal skin tone will go away in 6 to 12 months.

Question 3: Is skin pigmentation permanent?

– It is possible for the pigmentation in the affected area to reduce or increase if you have had a skin infection, blisters, burns, or other harm to your skin. Although this kind of change is typically temporary, it could take several months for it to go away or improve.

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