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Birthmark Removal Treatment in Mumbai, India

Birthmarks are a very common thing among people not only in India, but all across the world. Most of us have birthmarks on some part of the body. A birthmark is a congenital anomaly on the skin of babies that appears just after the baby is born. The time taken for a birthmark to appear is normally a month. Birthmarks can be profound or can be barely noticeable. The cause of birthmarks is an overgrowth of blood vessels, fibroblasts, melanocytes, fat, smooth muscles, etc. Some cultures consider birthmarks to be a symbol of luck.

Birthmarks can appear on any part of the body. However when they appear on the face and hands area then some people might be embarrassed by these birthmarks. Hence people opt for birthmark removal treatment in Mumbai India to give the skin an even look.

Types of Birthmarks

Birthmark Removal

Birthmarks can be divided into two broad categories – one is a vascular birthmark and the other a pigmented birthmark. Both these categories of birthmarks are further divided.

Vascular birthmarks

  • Stork bite birthmark– Stork bite’s scientific name is nevus flammeus nuchae. This kind of birthmark is also called “angel’s kiss” and is generally a pink and flat spot on the skin. These birthmarks are commonly found at the back of a knee or neck. Sometimes they are even found on the forehead or eyelids or even on the lips. Almost half of all babies possess such a birthmark. All of these kinds of birthmarks can be removed though, so always consult a dermatologist before you go looking for what birthmark removal treatment in Mumbai India is available for you.
  • Hemangioma– Also known as strawberry birthmark mark, this spot is a benign tumor. This can occur both on the surface of the skin or deep into the skin. This kind of birthmark mainly appears just after birth but disappears before the onset of puberty.
  • Post-wine stain birthmarks– These types of birthmarks are also known as nevus famous. They are often mistaken as hemangiomas. These birthmarks occur at birth and range from pale pink to deep pink, hence the name. They are commonly large and are formed when there is no nerve supply to the blood vessels. As a result, blood vessels are dilated, which in turn causes blood to pool around the affected area, and thus the red spot occurs in the form of a birthmark.

Pigmented birthmarks

  • Mole– probably the most common type of birthmark. Surely they are the kinds of birthmarks that people are most familiar with. Scientifically, moles are called congenital melanocytic nevus. These birthmarks are very commonly located in the neck and the head. People in India seem to have fewer moles as birthmarks than Caucasians.
  • Cafe au lit spot– These kinds of birthmarks are generally oval-shaped and range from light brown to deep brown. These spots can be found in any part of the body and appear during one’s childhood as a birthmark. In case a person gains weight, this birthmark too gets larger.
  • Mongolian spot– This too is a benign spot that is flat on the skin. This kind of birthmark is usually found in people from East Asia and that is why it has been named such. The birthmark is also common in native Americans and East Africans. These spots are mainly seen after birth although they tend to disappear before puberty.

What is the treatment available in Mumbai India to remove birthmarks?

Most of these birthmarks, whether vascular or pigmented, do not cause any physiological harm barring a few. However, if these birthmarks are large enough, they occur in places like the face or the palm, they need to be resolved by the top-notch treatment in Mumbai India. Also, some birthmarks like stork bites resolve themselves naturally. They go away with time and need no birthmark removal treatment in Mumbai India at all. However, birthmarks such as hemangiomas can cause a lot of trouble when they occur near an important structure like the eye or the nose. In such cases, one may have difficulty in vision or breathing. It is then when such birthmarks have to be removed, and that is why people look for what birthmark removal treatment Mumbai India has on offer.

That is why people need to rely on birthmark treatment methods in Mumbai India. Quite a lot of birthmark treatment procedures exist for the removal of birthmarks in Mumbai India especially when they occur at awkward places. However, there are two main modes of birthmark removal treatment. One is administering steroids, another is removal through laser. Both of these modes for birthmark removal treatment in Mumbai have been made available now.

Vascular birthmarks may be treated in Mumbai with a Flash-lamp Pumped Pulse Dye Laser treatment method. For pigmented birthmarks, a Q-switched laser may be used for birthmark removal treatment in Mumbai India. A particular wavelength is used at a specific frequency, the wavelength depending on the color of the birthmark. The laser then destroys the color of the birthmark such that the birthmark takes on a color like its surrounding skin. However, this kind of birthmark removal treatment in Mumbai India takes patience and several sessions. But this is a very popular and standard procedure of birthmark removal treatment in Mumbai India.

This birthmark removal treatment can be done by one of the country’s leading dermatologists and one of the best cosmetic dermatologists Dr. Rinky Kapoor in Mumbai India. Dr. Kapoor has been a top-notch dermatologist in Mumbai India and is tremendously popular for birthmark removal treatment in Mumbai India. She co-founded The Esthetic Clinics in Mumbai. Come to these clinics and get the best birthmark removal treatment Mumbai India has to offer.

What is the cost of Birthmark Removal in Mumbai, India

Birthmarks are considered auspicious in many cultures but for many. Most people seek birthmark removal for aesthetic and functional reasons. The cost of birthmark removal in Mumbai is different for every person. Ranging from a thousand rupees to a few lakhs rupees, birthmark removal costs change because of 

·       The type of birthmark

·       The size and location

·       The method used for removal such as laser or surgical options

·       Doctor’s experience and qualifications. An expert dermatologist or plastic surgeon will be able to treat birthmarks without damaging the skin surrounding them or leaving irreparable scars. 

It is better to talk to your skin doctor about a more accurate estimate of the cost of birthmark removal for your birthmark.  The cost of birthmark removal also includes the price of anesthetic which again depends on the type of procedure selected. The cosmetic surgeon will examine your birthmark and skin condition and then give you a detailed cost estimate. The aim will be to find the best solution which does not cause an economic burden on you.

You can also check with your insurance provider. In some cases, the insurance claim might cover some part of the procedure if your birthmark is causing functional problems such as trouble in vision, or limb movements. The price of birthmark removal in India is also influenced by the number of treatments needed to complete the removal. Brown birthmarks are faster and easier to remove than red birthmarks and their treatment will cost less.

The knowledge, experience, and technology for birthmark removal triumph over the cost as patient satisfaction is always first. 

Before and After Photos of Birthmark Removal Treatment –

Before and After Images of Birthmark Removal Treatment

Frequently Asked Questions for Birthmark Removal Treatment –

Question 1: How do you permanently remove birthmarks?

Laser treatments can be used to get rid of the majority of birthmarks kinds. Surgical excision may be required to eliminate a birthmark in some uncommon circumstances, depending on its size.

Question 2: Can a laser remove a birthmark?

Birthmarks on the skin, including vascular lesions and brown/black patches, can be treated with laser.

Question 3: Are birthmarks permanent?

The majority of birthmarks are permanent. However, some varieties disappear as a child grows.

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