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The Rise of Laser Treatments: Exploring Mole Removal Techniques in India

The Rise of Laser Treatments: Exploring Laser Mole Removal Cost in India

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The Rise of Laser Treatments: Exploring Mole Removal Techniques in India

Moles are very common and some moles have even got a special place in history, like Marilyn Monroe’s and Cindy Crawford’s. They are usually nothing to worry about. Sometimes when they change in shape or size or grow, they run a risk of developing cancer. In such cases, your doctor might ask you to get the mole removed.

Most people also seek laser mole removal costs in India because of cosmetic reasons or sometimes when the mole is on a location that comes in the day of daily functioning. Laser mole removal is the most popular method of getting rid of the moles in a safe, effective, and non-scarring method. Laser does not run a risk of infection and also speeds up healing.

Let us take a look first at why moles are formed.

Scientifically known as the melanocytic nevi, Moles are common skin growths that occur when cells in the skin called melanocytes grow in clusters. Melanocytes are responsible for producing the pigment melanin, which gives color to your skin, hair, and eyes.  Most people have moles since birth but they can grow later in life too. The exact cause of mole formation is still not fully understood, but there are a few factors that are believed to contribute:

  • Genetics: A significant factor in the development of moles is your genetic makeup. If you have a family history of moles, you might be more prone to developing them yourself. Certain genes can influence how many moles you develop and how atypical they might be.
  • Sun Exposure: Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun is a known risk factor for developing moles and other skin growths. UV radiation can trigger changes in melanocyte activity and increase the likelihood of moles forming. This is why people who spend a lot of time in the sun or have a history of sunburns tend to have more moles.
  • Hormones: Hormonal changes, such as those that occur during puberty, pregnancy, and hormonal therapy, can influence the development of moles. Hormones can affect melanocyte activity and the growth of new moles.
  • Age: Moles can develop at any age, but they tend to appear more frequently during childhood and adolescence. The number of moles usually peaks by the age of 30 and might start to decrease as you get older.
  • Fair Skin: People with fair skin are more susceptible to developing moles because they have less melanin to protect their skin from UV damage. This is also why fair-skinned individuals are at a higher risk of skin cancer.

Most people tend to ignore the moles but it is important that you keep an eye on the mole and be aware of changes in its shape, size, color, and texture. If the mole causes pain or there is itching or redness around it then get it checked with the dermatologist immediately. Changes of any kind in the moles can sometimes be indicative of melanoma, which is a kind of skin cancer. Regular checkups and sun protection are the key to keeping the skin healthy.

Laser mole removal in India

Laser mole removal cost in India is quite worth the excellent results that it produces. Laser mole removal is a simple procedure. The laser beam is directed on the mole and the laser energy breaks the cells in the mole. Since laser is a very precise mole removal treatment, it only targets the mole and the tissue is left undisturbed and healthy.  The laser does not hurt as the treatment area is numbed before starting the treatment. Mole removal cost in India is also affected by the factor that the entire treatment just takes a few minutes to complete and there is no downtime with the latest laser techniques used. You can go back to your normal duties almost immediately and generally a repeat treatment is not necessary.

Types of lasers used in mole removal

The latest lasers use different techniques to remove the moles. Since they differ in terms of specific wavelength and properties, the choice of laser depends on the indications of the mole such as size, color, and depth. The choice of laser also affects the mole removal cost in India. Here are a few types of commonly used lasers for mole removal:

  • Q-Switched Nd: YAG Laser: This type of laser emits high-energy pulses in very short duration. It is often preferred to be used for removing dark, pigmented moles, such as those with brown or black coloration. The laser’s wavelength is absorbed by the melanin in the mole, causing it to break down.
  • Fractional CO2 Laser: This laser is the gold standard for skin rejuvenation treatments Carbon dioxide (CO2) lasers are commonly used in cosmetic procedures, including mole removal. Fractional CO2 lasers work by creating microscopic columns of treated tissue, leaving surrounding tissue untouched. They are useful for removing moles that are raised or have a rough texture, as well as for improving the appearance of the skin after removal.
  • Pulsed Dye Laser: Pulsed dye lasers emit short bursts of high-energy light that are absorbed by blood vessels in the skin. While these lasers are more often used for vascular conditions, they can also be used for some types of pigmented lesions.
  • Alexandrite Laser: This laser emits light at a wavelength that is well-absorbed by melanin. It’s used for removing pigmented moles and is often effective for lighter-colored pigmentation.
  • Ruby Laser: Similar to the Alexandrite laser, the Ruby laser targets melanin. It is sometimes used for removing superficial pigmented lesions.
  • Erbium YAG Laser: Erbium lasers have wavelengths that are absorbed by water in the skin’s tissues. Erbium lasers tend to cause less thermal damage to the surrounding tissue compared to other types of lasers. This causes minimal scarring and is often used as the gold standard for mole removal. It is commonly used for raised moles and flat facial moles.

Not all moles can be treated with laser removal. Some moles need surgical excisions especially when they run a risk of malignancy. Under no circumstances should one try to remove the moles themselves. Always contact a good dermatologist for assessment and the right treatment. only a trained and experienced medical practitioner should do the procedure for laser mole removal in a controlled clinical setting to minimize risks and optimize results.

Will my skin have scarring at the mole site?

Laser is an effective way to get rid of most moles. The only memory that you will have of the mole is a small red spot where the mole was. You will get a temporary dressing to cover the side. A scab will form on the place of the mole and it will fall off in a few days. You will have smooth pale skin for a few days and gradually the mole site will continue to diminish till there is no sign of the mole. Avoid wearing makeup on the treatment site till the time the pink scab falls away.

laser treatment for mole removal cost in India is a preferred option by many because the laser can easily treat the moles in hard-to-reach areas and also remove multiple moles in one treatment session.

What types of moles can be treated with a laser?

The doctor will examine the mole before suggesting the treatment. Raised moles are generally best treated with lasers. However, if the mole has changed in shape size, and color then the doctor might ask for a biopsy and suggest that you wait for the results.

Laser mole removal cost

Laser mole removal cost in India depends on whether it is a single mole or multiple moles that need to be removed. Mole removal cost in Mumbai is also influenced by the type of laser used, the surgeon’s fees, and whether the biopsy is needed or not.  Mole removal cost in India also widely depends on other factors such as the size and location of the mole, and the location of the clinic or medical facility. Additionally, some clinics might charge per mole removed or offer package deals for multiple moles as part of laser treatment for mole removal costs in India.

It’s important to keep in mind that laser mole removal is often considered a cosmetic procedure, which means that it’s generally not covered by health insurance unless there’s a medical necessity, such as suspicion of malignancy. It’s recommended to consult with a few different dermatology clinics or medical professionals to get an accurate idea of the cost in your specific situation.

Will my mole ever come back after being removed?

There is a rare chance of the mole returning to the previous place. But that does not mean that new ones cannot grow. One way to protect your skin is to have sun sun-protective barrier on your skin. Wear sunscreen and long-sleeved clothing. Hats and glasses are also a good idea to carry with you. Check with your dermatologist about regular screenings and keep a tab on your skin health for any new moles or returning moles. Follow a good skincare routine every day by using cleansing, toning, and moisturizing routines daily. Top of Form

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