Skin Care Tips and Their Benefits By Celebrity Dermatologist in Mumbai
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Celebrity Dermatologist in Mumbai

Skin Care Tips and Their Benefits By Celebrity Dermatologist in Mumbai

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Skin Care Tips and Their Benefits By Celebrity Dermatologists in Mumbai

Skincare can be confusing. Understanding which and what information to trust can be confusing because each skin is different and there are many factors that contribute to the health of the skin. No one product, routine, method, or skin treatment will always work the same for everyone.

The aim or shall we say the dream is the same for everyone and that is to have flawless, glowing, and radiant skin that stays that way throughout the day and life.

But with so many new products, routines, and treatments hitting the market every day it is difficult to figure out where to start, what to include, and what to avoid. On top of it with so many influencers and marketers doling out advice on the internet, it gets confusing day by day.

The best people to tell you what is right for the skin and what is not are the dermatologists. You know the basics, wash your face, sleep, be stress-free, and stay hydrated but how and what about in between?

Here are some expert skin care tips and their benefits suggested by celebrity dermatologists in Mumbai to get glowing skin ASAP without having to shell out tons of cash or follow some magical procedure claims


  • Treat Your Neck as An Extension To Your Face

    The skin on the neck is just as delicate as that of the face. Therefore, whatever products you apply on the face should go on the neck too. and don’t miss the back of the neck. Looking down on mobiles can make the necklines appear more pronounced and cause wrinkles. Hence apply moisturizer to the neck too in an upward motion against gravity. When applying sunscreen make sure you include the neck too.


  • Stay Away from Foaming Cleansers

    when shopping for cleansers the trick is to choose the right one for your skin and steer away from any foaming products. Foaming cleansers will dry your skin, strip the natural oils, and make it prone to breakouts.

    This means early onset of wrinkles and lines and increased sensitivity of the skin. If you have dry skin then opt for a moisturizing cleanser, for sun-damaged skin use an AHA cleanser. The top tip by dermatologists is to use a pre-cleanser before using a cleanser to make sure that the skin is clean and the oil balance is intact.


  • Sleep The Right Way

    This is one of the top anti-aging tips by celebrity dermatologists around the world. Did you know that on average we spend about 2500 hours sleeping?

    This is like ironing wrinkles on the skin. After UV exposure, lack of sleep is the second leading cause of premature aging. Sleep is our body’s way to reboot rest and get ready to accept what is coming. Seven to eight hours of sleep is important if you want your skin to be youthful-looking. And it is not just about sleeping, how you sleep and what you sleep on matters too. Replace the cotton pillowcases with clean silk pillowcases to prevent the skin from creasing. Silk is also easier on the hair. When sleeping make sure that the lower half of your face does not touch the pillow and the skin is not squished. Try sleeping on your back.


  • Products Go On From Thinnest To Thickest

    You know it is not good to use too many products but you also have to remember to use the products in the correct order. Don’t layer too much and too quickly, it will only cause breakouts and clogged pores. The right way is to start with the thing tonner and end with thick moisturizer and sunscreen. This will help the skin absorb each layer efficiently.


  • Exfoliate But Not Too Much:

    Our skin sheds about 50 million cells every day and not all of them fall off, some stay on the skin and cause clogging and make the skin look sullen. The best solution is to exfoliate and nudge the dead skin cells out.

    But limit the exfoliation to once or twice a week and be gentle with it. Don’t stop at your face, your body needs exfoliation too. Use targeted exfoliators such as AHAs and BHAs to clear the skin unclog the pores and leave behind clear and brightened skin.


  • There Is No Alternative to Sun Protection

    Rain or shine, indoors or outdoors even if you are stepping out for 15 minutes, sunscreen is a must. Even when you are driving a car flying in a plane or just sitting out on the balcony, the skin needs sunscreen.

    Unprotected UV exposure is the biggest contributor to visible and invisible signs of aging such as laser treatment for pigmentation, tanning, uneven skin tone, and breakouts. Remember to reapply sunscreen every 2-3 hours. And sun protection does not stop at sunscreen, you need to aid it with sunglasses, hats, SPF makeup, sun-protective clothing, etc. Remember sun protection is better than treating its damage after.


  • Avoid Touching Your Face

    Resist the urge to rest your face on your hands or frequently touch your face. Germs and bacteria can transfer from your hands to the face and cause breakouts, scarring, and even increased wrinkles. When you apply makeup make sure your hands or the makeup artist’s hands are clean and the contact is minimal.


  • Vitamins Go In And On Your Skin

    It is important and we know the importance of a good diet but don’t ignore the skin’s need for vitamins too. Include topical antioxidants such as thick vitamin C serum and creams that can nourish the skin.

    Vitamin A is good for cell turnover, vitamin C for fighting free radical damage, and Vitamin E for keeping the skin moisturized. Apply these after cleansing the skin or layer them under your sunscreen.


  • Select The Right Spot Treatment

    Talk to the skin melanin specialist, and recommend most celebrity dermatologists in Mumbai. Spot treatments are targeted treatments are should be used with care. For example, using a drying treatment for acne might make the blemish last longer and even cause scarring.

    Acne is an infection in the pore and it takes its own time to cure don’t try to rush it and use the products as directed. If you are trying to squeeze out a whitehead, then be gentle with it, and don’t try more than twice. If it needs more than that then it means it was not ready to come out and you have just injured your skin which can cause scarring.


  • Get A Skin Exam Regularly:

    Most skin issues can be avoided if care is taken. Visit a board-certified dermatologist every year by the time you turn 30. Have an expert look at the moles and scars, and changes in the skin texture. Celebrity dermatologists in Mumbai guide clients on how to include proper skin care and things to check.

    Skin cancer is easily curable if treated in early stages and it needs to be caught early. Being armed with information will help with better and more holistic skin care. Your dermatologist can also recommend the right skin rejuvenation treatments for a more youthful-looking skin.


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