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Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

Why Skin Rejuvenation Treatments are More Than Just a Beauty Trend

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Why Skin Rejuvenation Treatments are More Than Just a Beauty Trend

Ever since the ancient times the motivation to look young forever has been the focus on all the skin and beauty trends. From kings and queens to the fictional character of Mother Gothel who kept Rapunzel hidden to keep her youth forever, looking young and healthy has never gone out of trend. Modern social media generation has a lot of common with the yesteryear when it comes to the desire to keep the skin as it is.

As we reach our 30s the skin begins to change and asks for extra attention. Since the 2020s there has been a sharp rise in the number of women seeking cosmetic treatment and surgeries to get rid of the ageing woes. Skin rejuvenation treatments and skin prejuvenation both are more than just a beauty trend now; they are an essential part of it. You might think makeup does the same job but that is not true.

Makeup has its own limitations and drawbacks and skin care has none. Therefore, the spotlight is on skin rejuvenation and it is the core of beauty routine. The quest for safe ingredients that don’t harm the environment and the skin is always on. Another factor that has bought skin care to the front line is the recent Covid-19 pandemic. Not only the social media was flooded with skin care techniques but natural beauty on a daily basis also had its merits. To have the fresh dewy or the doughnut look without endless layers of makeup is the prime choice.

What does skin rejuvenation include?

Skin rejuvenation is a type of healing and relaxing treatment method that aims to repair skin damage caused because of natural ageing causes or hormonal changes, or sun exposure or because of pollution or lack of skin care over the years. This makes the person look aged beyond the years and give the face a tired and sleepy appearance.

Growing worries about physical appearance, the rising R&D in the companies regarding good skin care, modern technological advancements, and easy access to cosmetic products in local markets have increased the awareness regarding skin rejuvenation.

While skin rejuvenation focuses on restoring the skin, prejuvenation is also a new trend that focuses on preventing the changes that have not yet started or have just begun. Both include a variety of techniques such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, types of Medi-facials, IPL photo therapy, laser skin rejuvenation and resurfacing, ablative and non-ablative laser treatments, radiofrequency and blue light treatments, LED devices, neuromodulators etc.

Skin rejuvenation not only restores the youthfulness of the skin it also tackles fine lines, wrinkles, volume loss and dullness on the skin. This directly impacts the confidence level of a person. To perform good and be in a state of happiness it important for a person to feel confident in his own skin and skin rejuvenation treatments in Mumbai help do just that. Today skin rejuvenation focuses on holistic beauty aiming to keep the skin fresh and radiant looking longer.

Benefits of skin rejuvenation

Skin rejuvenation has already broken the gender barrier and opened a new target audience for practitioners and pushing for more skin specific treatments.

  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles by not just hiding them, instead skin care treatments improve collagen production in our body and thus treat saggy, wrinkles and dry skin bringing back the glow and smoothness.
  • It minimizes facial veins by disintegrating them and they are absorbed by the skin to given an even toned skin. Facial veins are prone to dilating and stretching because of sun damage to the skin. This robs the skin of its natural youthfulness.
  • It greatly improves acne scars caused because of the breakouts you had in your teen or the adult life. Acne can cause disruption in normal collagen production in our body and cause scaring because the collagen does not go back to its full capacity. Skin rejuvenation techniques help get rid of the scars.
  • Reduction in sunspots (hyperpigmentation). Pigmented skin can look old. Skin care treatments help break down the melanin and pigments under the skin without harming the other areas.
  • Relives redness and inflammation caused by rosacea, eczema etc. by shrinking the blood vessels and additional collagen production and boosting the overall skin texture.


Trending skin rejuvenation treatments

Technology changes every year and with it, it brings new and more effective skin rejuvenation treatments. Here are some trending skin treatments that you should know about

  • Botox: We know you might be thinking that Botox is an age-old treatment, what is new in it? Botox was the first game changer in the beauty and wellness industry. It is non-invasive, has quick and easy results and does not need special attention. In the latest trends there is no strain of the toxin that makes the results last longer. And it is just not for the wrinkles on your face, it can also treat the gummy smile, twitching in eyes, cure jaw clenching and TMJ, relive chronic migraines and even reshape the face.


  • Facials: Old time facials use products and new age facials use technology. The steps are the same, cleansing, exfoliation, massaging, nourishing masks. Medi-facials are the in thing. They are the mini treatments that you need to get quick and dramatic results for your skin. they contain products that are specific to your skin concern and expectations. The modern facials include use of gadgets like the lasers, microneedling etc. Popular facials include

Thermasure which uses radiofrequency energy that can reach the deepest layer of the skin. It heats the skin and starts the natural healing process to reduce lines including crow’s lines, forehead line, lax skin around the eyes, dull appearance, and dark spots. The effects last for about three months.

HydraFacial: it is a safe for all skin types and treats all skin issues type of facial that give immediate results. You can use this to treat uneven skin texture, oily skin, dry skin, acne, blackheads, fine lines, pigmentation, wrinkles and pores. It removes the impurities and dead skin and fortifies the skin with hydrating and moisturizing products to protect against free radicals and environmental damage.

Photo facials: These harness the healing properties of the laser and can be used on face, neck, arms, chest, legs too. It works by healing the broken capillaries, shrinking enlarged pores, reducing redness, and age spots. This facial works even on deep wrinkles and can be used to treat spider veins.

Plasma facials: Also, popularly known as vampire facials they are excellent for the ages between 30-40.  They use an advanced version of platelet rich plasma therapy and are used to reduce the tell-tale sign of ageing, scars and melasma.


  • Chemical peels: The latest peels are a mix of skin rejuvenating chemicals such as glycolic acid, lactic acid etc which do not actually burn the skin but help in skin exfoliation and healing or long-term results. Post treatment the new skin that grows is smooth and wrinkle free.


  • Dermabrasion and Microdermabrasion: This process is a physical exfoliation of skin. The abrading device or tip is gently moved over the skin to remove the dead skin cells and along with them the skin troubles such as fine lines and wrinkles, and dull and pigmented skin.


  • Microneedling and LED combination to deliver skin nourishing ingredients deep in the skin and get getter results. The needling and light effect increases the absorption of products under the skin and LED light help in natural skin rejuvenation. This combined skin therapy can be customized for acne control, wound healing, collagen production, treating congested skin, black heads, stretch marks and acne scars.


  • Lasers: These are the gold standard for skin rejuvenation treatments. Lasers hardly have any downtime and can be used for myriad of beauty concerns such as skin discolouration, skin laxity, acne, acne and other injury scars, signs of ageing, tanning, extra hair etc. Lasers give an instant facelift and also help with skin contouring.


  • Ultherapy: This treatment utilizes the ultrasound energy to treat and tighten the skin in the lower face. An excellent treatment to reduce the double chin, Ultherapy is also used to treat the skin on neck and check to reduce lines and sagging.

When to start skin rejuvenation treatments?

It’s never too late to start thinking about your skin. No matter how careful you are with the cleaning, toning, moisturizing routine at a regular basis; the effects of ageing and environment start to show by early 20s and 30s. To keep the confidence intact and youthful skin looking rested and fresh, you should start with basic skin rejuvenation treatments as early as possible i.e., when you notice the first wrinkles and lines.

The best way to find the right treatment is to consult a good dermatologist or a cosmetic surgeon. Safe protocol is a prime concern in these treatments. Learn about what treatment suits your skin the best. All the treatments like the laser, photo facial, peels, microneedling etc can be optimized easily. Modern skin rejuvenation techniques are highly developed with precision involved in administration. There are no major risks in these treatments and the results are visible almost immediately.


Skin rejuvenation treatment cost

There are various skin rejuvenation treatments available, and the cost can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of treatment, the area being treated, and the location of the clinic.

On average, the cost of skin rejuvenation treatments in the United States can range from Rs. 2000 to Rs. 75000 per session. However, the cost may be lower or higher depending on the specific treatment being performed. For example, a chemical peel or microdermabrasion treatment may cost less than a laser treatment or injectable treatment such as Botox or dermal fillers.

In addition to the type of treatment, the area being treated can also affect the cost of skin rejuvenation treatments. Treating larger areas such as the full face, neck, or chest will generally cost more than treating smaller areas such as the forehead or around the eyes.

The location of the clinic can also impact the cost of skin rejuvenation treatments. In general, clinics located in metropolitan areas or affluent neighborhoods may charge more than those located in rural or less affluent areas.

It is important to note that most skin rejuvenation treatments require multiple sessions to achieve optimal results, and the cost can add up over time. Some clinics may offer package deals or discounts for multiple sessions, which can help to reduce the overall cost.

Before undergoing any skin rejuvenation treatment, it is important to consult with a qualified and experienced provider to discuss the options and the associated costs. It is also important to consider the reputation and experience of the provider to ensure that the treatment is safe and effective. It is important to consult with a qualified provider and to consider the long-term cost of multiple sessions before undergoing any skin rejuvenation treatment.

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