What if Korean BB Glow Treatment Gone Wrong?
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What if Korean BB Glow Treatment Gone Wrong?

What if Korean BB Glow Treatment Gone Wrong?

The BB glow is the latest in beauty treatments that has taken the world by storm in the last few years. As we age  the fine lines, dull skin and wrinkles start to make their presence known and using makeup to hide them does not work successfully always. The skin fights with the external elements, and our internal factors such as hormones, ageing, UV rays and even the improper diet and lack of sleep every day. This is why makeup becomes necessary to face the day but it is not easy and even cumbersome to apply the even and blended foundation every day.

Here in steps in the BB glow. It is a needling technique that deposits colour foundation pigments under the skin and give the skin a permanent natural glow and contour 24*7. The treatment gives unbelievable results and is minimally invasive. It gives a brightening effect and the look of a wearing a lightweight foundation at all times.

Along with the permanent makeup the treatment also helps hide the flaws on the skin such as open pores, blemishes, light scarring, lines and wrinkles and never gets cakey. It uses two methods of depositing glow serums under the skin using two different methods

  • Microneedling: This process uses long needles and can penetrate deeper in the skin.
  • Nano needling: This is a more popular and latest method in which the needles reach only under the epidermis and there is lesser risk in the results of the BB glow treatment going bad.

Both procedures create tiny injuries on the skin and hence promote collagen production as the skin heals. Regular treatments results in better skin structure and tighter and firmer appearance of the skin in long term. The results of the treatment are almost immediate and last for about 3-4 months.

Sounds good but what if the Korean BB glow treatment goes wrong?

It is a cosmetic treatment and sometimes, though rarely, there can be some undesired side effects. these are classified into two types, the immediate BB glow treatment side effects and the long term bad side effects.

The immediate effects are short terms and usually because of the body’s response to the needling treatment and these include

  • Tightness
  • Redness in the treated area
  • Slight sweeling
  • Irritation and itching
  • Light peels of the skin a few days post the procedure.

These usually go away in a few days and you will notice improvement in skin tone and texture in the next few days. Side effects that last longer than 2-3 days can indicate some serious complications and you need to visit your doctor.

What else can go wrong?

If the serum deposit Korean BB glow treatment is not done in the way it is supposed i.e., the serum is deposited a little deeper than it should be or the equipment is not cleaned or the products are not skin suitable it can cause a range of issues such as

  • Skin irritation and infections: If the treatment is not done under sterile conditions, then it can cause complications. This is because the skin is open and sensitive and it is possible for the infection to set in. it can also cause redness, itching and stinging in the treated area. As a precaution make sure that your technician is only using sterile equipment in hygienic conditions.
  • Allergic reactions: The Korean BB glow treatment uses many products such as a cleanser, chemical peels, range of skin serums, hydrating masks, neutralizing solutions etc. Any of them can cause an allergic reaction causing rash, hives, swelling on the skin. It can occur if you have an allergy or sensitivity to any of the products used during the treatment, such as the BB cream or serums.If you have a history of allergies, it’s essential to inform your technician before the treatment. they will run a patch test few days before the treatment to rule out any allergic ingredients.
  • Change in skin colour: The skin colour can turn white, yellow or even greenish. This is because of the titanium dioxide molecules that become trapped in the dermis layer. Since the skin does not shed the dermis, overtime the molecule can change in colour because of UV radiation exposure. The natural oils, and skin processes can also cause a change in skin colour and even discolouration. Some skin serums also contain yellow and red iron oxides and are non-degradablei.e., can stay in the skin infinitely giving a yellow or greenish tinge to the skin colour.
  • Change in skin texture: The titanium dioxide molecules that are not removed during the skin renewal process are pushed out but the body and move of the skin surface. They rise and start showing as lumpy bumps on the skin surface giving the skin a cottage cheese like appearance. This is a long term side effect of Korean BB glow treatment that show up about 5-10 years after the treatment.
  • Hyperpigmentation: People with darker skin tone are more susceptible to this problem post the BB glow treatment. The skin produces extra melanin in response to the treatment resulting in dark patches on the treated areas.
  • Light patches on the tanned skin: the serum is deposited under the skin and if the skin on top of it tans or get darker then the pigments start looking like light coloured patches on the skin.
  • Uneven results: While Korean BB Glow aims to create a more even complexion, there is a possibility of achieving uneven results. The colour may not distribute evenly across the skin, leading to patchy or blotchy areas. Additionally, if the treatment is not performed correctly or by an experienced technician, it may result in an unnatural or “cakey” appearance.

But why does this happen?

The Korean BB glow treatment is means to stay under the top layer of the skin and don’t breach the barrier between epidermis and dermis. When done this way it does not age at all and disappears in one skin renewal cycle. The pigments don’t stay on top or under the skin for long and hence have not time to change colour or cause pigmentation or breakouts on the skin.

When the treatment is given deep in the skin, then the colour pigments become stuck or trapped in the skin and then it is the body’s immune system’s job to break them down and extract them which is a long process and gives the pigments the time to cause skin damage.

How can one prevent the BB treatment from going wrong?

By going to an expert and experience technician or dermatologist only not breaking the dermis membrane is the crucial part of the treatment. The facial skin has varying degrees of thickness in different areas, and is very thing in some spots and the cosmetic surgeon needs to stay in the epidermis at all times. This means that the cosmetologist should know where to adjust the needle length during the treatment and not go deeper.

If the practitioner says they will inject the serums deeper for long lasting results, then they are fibbing and are not aware of the long term Korean BB glow treatment side effects.

Can you reverse Korean BB glow treatment?

No, there is no going back. You will just have to wait for the treatment to fade over the months and years.

Serums with titanium oxide cannot be removed by laser treatment as they burn the skin. however, this is some basic care that you should take to make sure the side effects stay minimal and short term

  • Avoid getting a tan (natural or artificial), wear an SPF whenever you are outside and don’t forget to reapply.
  • Avoid doing excessive facial cleanser or facial treatments for 24 hours post treatment
  • Don’t touch the skin in the treated areas to ensure the pigment deposit is not disturbed.
  • For five days post treatment don’t use a skin peel or make up products
  • Avoid swimming and gyming for seven days post treatment

The longer you avoid using facial products or put stress on the skin, the better the results will be. The skin needs time to heal and regenerate and the serums settle down.

Who should not get a Korean BB glow treatment?

Though it is suitable for most skin types but there are some contraindications to BB glow treatment:

  • If you have active acne breakout, then this treatment is not for you. The clogged pores can cause more acne an inflammation
  • People who have been on Accutane medication
  • Those who have too thin skin have a risk of scarring from BB glow treatment
  • For those who are prone to keloid scaring this treatment is not recommended.
  • If you have skin diseases like eczema or psoriasis then BB glow treatment can make the condition worse.

Keep up with a good skin care routine to avoid the side effects of BB glow treatment and let the permanent makeup fade away naturally.

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